When I became a Christian I thought, “Life would be a bowl of cherries!” But guess what, the cherries had some pits to overcome.   

The life lessons from the pits were better than the sweetness of the cherries. The problem with the pits is learning, how to prevent them from becoming bitter experiences. A pit planted is a seed which becomes a flower or a tree. In the heart it could become a weed. Learning how to live inspirationally through Scripture, is like a cherry. Learning how to follow the heavenly wisdom properly is the cherry. I found out the hard way, ignoring or using the Scriptures carnally is the pit. This pit leaves weeds and scars in the tender heart.  

With all this in mind, I hope, through this blog, to give Inspirations to motivate us away from the pits to the cherries. The cherries of the abundance of life Jesus promised.

My personal background, in a nutshell is, a son, husband, father, pharmacist, and pastor. In all of these there have been cherries and unfortunately, some pits. Hopefully, I can bring all of this to bear in inspirational Scripture meditations to inspire higher living.  I have written a book called, “The Inside Word,” and recently co-founded New Beginnings Ministry INRI, with my spouse Denise.

Thank You for reading my first try at a blog.


Published by mistergcal

The short version: Son, Husband, Father, Grandpa, Pharmacist, Ordained Minister, Author of The Inside Word Available on-line. Currently Leading New Beginnings Ministry INRI, Bringing Reconciliation To Fallen and Hurting Christians and the Lost. Come Home All to Christ and He Will Give You Rest. Turning Personal Hurts Into Positive Ministry. Promoting “Christianity Without Walls” For All Believers To Move Beyond The Walls of Their Buildings.

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