Healing Begins With a Step Home

As we spin on the earth, in our particular location, we see the sun come up and the sun go down. The day dawns, our life awakes anew, and in the newness of the day we are faced with the decisions of the past, the decisions of the day and the decisions for the future. The decisions we make from what to wear, what to eat, what to do seem ordinary. These decisions border on the routine and the boring. Yet, some of these daily decision border on the exciting and the dangerous. How many of us live frustrated, boring angry lives because of decisions made. The decisions to reject our parents, our own safety, and our faith of youth, possibly have led many of us into bad behaviors or addictions. It doesn’t seem fair our teenage decisions haunt us our whole life. In my own life I have found one answer to break the power of bad decisions, coming back to my senses, which is a change of heart. When the heart is changed and looks for a way out, doors open to healing. Perhaps, going through this silent video, meditatively, will help begin a journey to health.

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