Empirical OR Theoretical

I still can feel the sneering insults of skeptical family and friends concerning my newborn faith. I hear the laughter and snickers, “Guy is bowing down to Jesus!” What a fool he is to believe that nonsense. How can he accept such a theory, “Christ died for his sins?” Perhaps, you may have felt this too. Maybe, you are a skeptic hurling sneering insults at your friend or family member, who has given his or her life to Christ.

Many skeptics have a hard time understanding a faith in something they cannot see, feel or taste. However, they have no problem building a life of faith in the theory of evolution, which no one can prove by sight, feel or taste. Their foundation of reasoning is built on a theory which says, “There is no God.” If, there is no God, there are no virtuous absolutes. If, there are no moral absolutes, my choices are built upon the situational need of the moment. Since, I choose what the ethical right is, I, an autonomous being, am my own god. Today we see this being played out in many ways, from the abortion debate to gender identities. If it was not for the absolutes of Scripture, which was the dominate thinking in our society, there wouldn’t be a debate at all. The moral falsities of the skeptic would be reigning without any opposition because their theory of no god has no basis for a challenge.

There is another skepticism, which is growing in the world, as deadly as the Theory of Evolution. This is the skepticism of some, possibly many believers in Christ. They say they believe in Christ, yet they believe the Bible is not God’s Word. I have heard it said, by those who confess Christ, “How foolish Christians sound and look by believing, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”(NIV) Without people thinking about the practical ramifications of believing in a theory which cannot be proved, the faithless mind of a professing Christian negates the whole of Scripture. The empirical faith believes in a creation by the God of OMNISCIENCE, through a universe brought into existence with laws of math, chemistry, physics, science, etc. All producing a faith in God which one can see, hear, and feel by all the senses. Since the universe was set into existence by Divine decree, the empirical faith understands there is a God and the Divine God has put into motion moral absolutes. The absolutes spoken by a few simple words, which all can understand, “You shall not!” Therefore, Christian skeptics accept the morality of the non-believers as doctrinal truths. The result of mingling assumptions based on false assertions, is the acceptance of no moral absolutes at all. Autonomous humans and their decrees are the end to all discussions. Any person who believes in an empirical faith, is out of touch and quite the bigot.  

You may be wondering why I call Christianity an empirical faith? You have probably learned religion is the product of man’s imagination to help him cope in a universe which is overwhelming in size and scope as compared to themselves. The problem with skeptics and Christian skeptics is simple. The skeptic has lost the power of reckoning. When one reckons, they can establish a line of truthful reasoning by counting and calculating. In counting and calculating information all around us, we can deduce a decision of truth apart from our own preconceived ideas. Jesus taught the art of reckoning through a simple question.

“For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it— lest, after he has laid the foundation, and is not able to finish, all who see it begin to mock him . . .” Luke 14:28-29 NIV

Reckoning is based upon counting the cost. For example, the empirical mind understands, one plus one equals two. The skeptical mind, in order not to offend those who cannot reckon, teaches, one plus one equals three. Thus, false assertions become foundational truths and the fundamentals of math are perverted. When a mind of this nature receives two apples, it has a hard time understanding why they don’t have three apples.

A Christians faith should not be a faith based on theory, but the empirical truth established by reckoning and counting the cost of godless or god driven evolution versus creation by God. Every individual is challenged by Jesus to count the cost of the tower of life they are building. All people are responsible for reckoning and coming to a decision on what to live by. You have the power in yourself to calculate and count the cost of your life and its foundation. It is a sad story to tell about this reckoning. I once had the opportunity to speak to a dear old friend about my coming to Christ. As I advanced the narrative, I spoke of God creating humans and the fall of humans through sin. He was kind and attentive until I came to God creating man and woman. With a vehemence and eyes of death flashing at me, he said, “I find it quite DISGUSTING (in a very loud voice), to think I came from mud.” With that the discussion was ended. I knew his mind was made up on the theory of evolution and no effort of reckoning with this thought in his mind would change it. He was closed to counting the cost. Sad to say, this person died two weeks after this discussion. What happened to him afterwards is something you need to reckon with.

If you are a Christian or non-Christian having trouble with Scriptural faith and the authority of God’s Word, take some time to reckon. Start counting the cost. Look at the world and universe, science and technology and think this through, “Did all this happen through an explosion bringing order through destruction? Or because the intelligent God created order out of nothing? The second place to reckon is by counting the cost of human behavior now and throughout history. The truth of our behavior is a powerful truth of the Scriptural description of fallen man in need of a Savior. No Christian should be ashamed of faith in Scripture and his Savior. The empirical evidence of our existence totally outweighs the theories concerning our existence. By reckoning and understanding all can come upon the truth. Faith in the invisible God is highly provable in comparison to an unseen theory of evolutionary existence, which will never be proven.

A simple step of reckoning can lead all to an abundant life.     

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